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For all professional Real Estate and Constructions needs, Adrian and Terry Martinez are your one-stop, dream team. Having mastered their individual crafts, and worked as an unofficial team for years, the launch of Varos Real Estate & Construction is long-awaited and finally here! With shared standards for high-quality customer care, an eye for detail and excellence, and a mutual love for their city of San Leandro, there is no better couple to care for your home.

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Terry's Tidbits

The latest from Terry's Blog.

Tips for Staying Motivated and On-Track

As January approaches, many of us set goals, get motivated, and dream big for our new year. Then, as we continue into February, getting up for the gym feels harder and the busyness of life makes our goals feel out of reach. Can you relate? This “slump” – the state of being defeated, discouraged, and without the motivation to do anything about it, well…it’s a dangerous place to be. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there far too many times.

Planting Seeds (In Life & Real Estate)

Gardening, I’ve learned, is a year-long endeavor. There is no summer break, winter holiday, or vacation from it. If I want my garden to remain good ground for all manner of vegetation and floral landscape, I have to work – all – year – long. I make it sound tireless, but honestly, there are few things I love more. Nothing compares to the therapeutic turning of soil, the joy of a long awaited bud, and the satisfaction of cooking a vegetable that was once just a seed. Gardening helps me clear my head, the mechanics of getting your hands dirty does that. The art of it has taught me patience, how to bounce back from a failed crop, and that nothing says, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” like fresh cut flowers & a basket of tomatoes.


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