Tips For Sellers

  1. Eliminate half of your belongings as clutter can cost a sale. Rent a storage unit or portable pod for extraneous pieces of furniture or knickknacks.
  2. Use “home wash” (hose attachments available at home improvement stores) to clean the outside of your house.
  3. Clean rain gutters as well as windows and screens.
  4. Make sure the front door is inviting. Paint the door if needed. Also, replace any outdated outdoor lighting fixtures.
  5. Buy new house numbers if the old ones are outdated or faded. Be sure buyers can see the new ones from the curb.
  6. Buy a new welcome mat.
  7. Organize all closets and drawers. Buyers might look there.
  8. Make any necessary repairs so that buyers don’t have to add that to their list of expenses.
  9. Rearrange furniture to make rooms appear large as possible.
  10. Make every surface shine, from ceiling fan to baseboards. Don’t forget interior windows, mirrors, and floors.
  11. Scrub every inch of kitchen and bathrooms.
  12. Depersonalize each room, removing excess photo frames and posters or kid’s artwork. don’t forget to refrigerator door!
  13. Buy new linens and pillows if necessary. Be certain they are neutral color.
  14. Buy air neutralizer and spray it often.
  15. Let us help you determine which pre-sale inspections are necessary. Often they can keep “surprises” at a minimum.
  16. Let go emotionally of your home, and get ready for an offer!

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