Tips For Buyers

  1. Meet with a QUALIFIED mortgage broker to set realistic price expectations for yourself. Nothing is worse than finding the house of your dreams only to realize it is not in your budget.
  2. Make a “Must Have/Would like to Have” list. There are some things that are non-negotiable, and other things that would be the icing on the cake.
  3. Go to some open houses in the neighborhoods you are interested in living in. These will help you decide if your list from #2 is reasonable in relationship with what you can afford.
  4. As you search, do your best to see beyond cosmetic issues. It is RARE to find a house with the exact paint or carpet you would have chosen.
  5. Plan on budgeting for inspections. these will run from a couple hundred to possibly over a thousand dollars. Is is the buyer’s responsibility to be as educated as possible
  6. Try not to fixate on the list price of a house, but rather the fair market value (an estimate of what a buyer would pay a seller for any piece of property).
  7. The three most important matters when it comes to negotiation are information, preparation and realism.
  8. The key to success when buying a home is to trust the experts.

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