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Meet Jeff Mihaly

team jeff mihaly

As a fun feature on the blog, I want to introduce you to our rockstar team. When Adrian and I decided to merge our companies, in a lot of ways it was a fresh start. We knew that those who would come along with us for the journey would need to be some special, gifted, and unique individuals. More than anything, we wanted those individuals to treat you, our clients, with the intention and care you deserve! At Varos Real Estate and Construction, we set a high standard for your customer service experience. Buying and selling homes can be hard enough, and the last thing you need is a difficult personality in the mix! That is why it has been so important to us as business owners, to bring the right people into your brand…the people who will represent the vision and mission of our company with excellence. We are happy to say that we have found those people, and boy, do they make us proud! Let’s meet one of them…

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