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A Mini San Leandro Guide

san leandro guide aerial

Adrian and I have lived in San Leandro for almost 19 years, and the old adage remains true: “There is no place like home.” With its historic neighborhoods, unique homes, up-and-coming downtown, and countless things to do…it has truly been an idyllic place to live and raise our children. Having been residents for so long, it is exciting to see all of the ways San Leandro is recently improving itself, adding new restaurants, and always setting the bar high at local events. When visitors or new home-owners ask us, “What do you like to do in San Leandro?” We ask them, “How long do you have?” Since the beginning, it has been a priority for Adrian and me to support our community, and to be big fans of local schools and businesses. Almost every day, we frequent our San Leandro CrossFit, pay a visit to one of our favorite coffee shops or restaurants, and have the distinct privilege of seeing many passers-by at our office on MacArthur Blvd. (Come say hi, our door is always open!)

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