My Tips for Staying Motivated and On-Track (…Even During Girl Scout Cookie Season!)

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As January approaches, many of us set goals, get motivated, and dream big for our new year. Then, as we continue into February, getting up for the gym feels harder and the busyness of life makes our goals feel out of reach. Can you relate? This “slump” – the state of being defeated, discouraged, and without the motivation to do anything about it, well…it’s a dangerous place to be. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there far too many times.

We argue that the odds are against us, the kids are too much, the demands of work are too important, and that “we’ll get to that goal eventually.” If we’re honest, saying things like “eventually”, and “when I’m less busy” are the real setups. This mindset is what holds us back! Ultimately, it is the small, disciplined steps we take everyday that bring us where we want to go. If we wait to have time, we’ll be waiting forever. If we blame something (or someone!) else, we’ll never take responsibility for the increasing number of unmet goals. This is vital! Take ownership and get back on horse. Because the things you want for yourself are important, and it’s the things we work hard for that are worth having.

Let’s commit again to doing what we said we would do, and get a plan in place to make it happen. No step is too small, and every milestone matters. Whatever you do, don’t quit! Everyday is an opportunity to make 2018 different than the years before, so no more holding yourself back. Time to shake off this slump!

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I don’t know what your goals are for the year, but one thing I do know is we all want to be healthier and stronger than we are right now. Improving fitness and healthy eating are among the top goals of everyone in my life, and this is not new! Year in, year out, people are eager to get back on track with their eating and physical activity. There are countless ways to implement this, and though I’m no professional, I have made myself a student in nutrition, fitness, and giving health our best. What works for me may not work for everyone, but these tips for staying motivated and putting a plan in place, are fundamental and could get anyone off to a great start!

Let’s be honest: we need all the help we can get, especially during girl scout cookie season. (Why oh why must adorable little girls sell these cookies right around when our goals start to lose steam?!) Never fear, let’s get to it.

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5 Tips for Staying Motivated and On-Track

  1. Find a partner in crime. Having a spouse, roommate, or friend who is on board will make all the difference! Accountability is key to accomplishing your goals (fitness or otherwise!), so be intentional about checking in with each other, and tackling those goals together.
  2. Don’t let anyone sabotage your efforts. There will always be a naysayer, someone who points and laughs at your goals…someone who just doesn’t get it. Stand up for yourself, limit how often you are around negative people, and don’t get discouraged. Sabotage can also come in the form of enabling people. Those who belittle your efforts and tell you you’re trying too hard, or that you should just “treat yourself.” If being the healthiest you is the goal, the people who love you and are in your corner will want that for you too.
  3. Remember your “why.” Everyone needs a “why” – the motivator and reason behind all the work and discipline. Write these things down and put reminders where you can see them. On the days when staying motivated is difficult, remember how good it will feel to throw on that summer dress without being distracted by whether or not it fits well; being able to run and play with your kids, taking a hike with a friend, or a bike ride with your spouse. No matter how you feel in the moment, those things are worth so much more than eating a box of girl scout cookies.
  4. Make a plan and stick to it. You are worth the investment of finding a great gym or coach. Figure out how many days you can commit to working out, and stick to those. And listen to me, starving yourself is NOT a plan. Do some personal research on nutrition, and don’t just believe the labels on your food. Be mindful of what you are putting into your body, and consider each day a new opportunity to do better. Commit to this as a lifestyle – not a trend, fast, cleanse, or trial. Implement your goal of being the healthiest you into all areas of life, and stick to the plan.
  5. Prep your food ahead of time. This is something I’ve done for a few years and it has undoubtedly changed my health for the better. I plan my whole week of meals and snacks every Saturday. Then, I make a shopping list, pick everything up, and prepare the food. Sometimes, it’s as simple as washing, cutting, measuring and putting in labeled containers. Other weeks, I make a big batch of grains, roasted veggies, or hot soups. I usually prep 3-4 days and then mid-week I will do another mini-prep to finish out the week. This takes time, but again, the time is worth it! Putting effort into your health at the beginning of the week is a great reminder of why this matters, and because of the work it takes, you will want to honor yourself by sticking to it. Meal prep and planning eliminates that “I’m starving, so I’ll just grab ______ on my way home…” and ensures you are eating all of the food you’re buying! This Pyrex set is perfect for meal prep…they are oven safe, so you can go straight from the oven into the fridge!
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Staying motivated is no easy task, but the year is not over yet! It is never too late to begin again, and I hope these tips have encouraged you to do just that! Comment below which tip you are most inspired by and I’d also love to hear how YOU stay on track with your goals throughout the year.

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