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October has nearly come and gone, and though the Bay Area weather has not yet brought the crisp, Fall air we were all hoping for…my fingers are crossed for November. There is something about Fall that makes me want to be home more. As these later months arrive, I feel the itch to move furniture around, spruce up little corners, add a few new pieces, and settle into a corner chair with a large cup of coffee. I’ve learned to listen to this longing in doses, because my business is busy as ever. I don’t always have a full weekend or even an afternoon to enjoy my home as I’d like, but little moments of caring for it and savoring it, certainly add up.

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vintage glass depression glasses cabinet

During a quick scroll on Facebook the other day, I read a quote that resonated with me: “Surround yourself with things you love and discard the rest.” These words reminded me that we can all too often fill up our homes and hearts, with things that don’t add to the general quality of our lives. In our hearts, we can tolerate worry and invite negativity. In our closets, we can accumulate skirts (when we don’t even wear skirts…anyone?), or outfits for “someday.” And within many of our homes and garages, live a million things we never use and don’t really care about. We all get stuck in some way, surrounded by things we don’t love, afraid to discard or perhaps just too busy to. Carving away at this reality can feel overwhelming, but making room for the positive, and for the things that add joy, is truly worth it.

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staging bed

After a long day on site, and after countless meetings with clients, the one place in the world I want to be is at home with my husband and kids. Despite the many different seasons I’ve experienced over the years, the rhythms of home remain mostly predictable. Slipping off my shoes, I catch up with my family, pour some white wine in a stemless glass, and put dinner on the stove. The sounds of country music playing softly in the kitchen, my kids share their high school happenings, and I faintly hear our neighbors’ doors open and shut, as they too, return to their sanctuaries.

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