5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall

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October has nearly come and gone, and though the Bay Area weather has not yet brought the crisp, Fall air we were all hoping for…my fingers are crossed for November. There is something about Fall that makes me want to be home more. As these later months arrive, I feel the itch to move furniture around, spruce up little corners, add a few new pieces, and settle into a corner chair with a large cup of coffee. I’ve learned to listen to this longing in doses, because my business is busy as ever. I don’t always have a full weekend or even an afternoon to enjoy my home as I’d like, but little moments of caring for it and savoring it, certainly add up.

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Sometimes, with the change of a season, the amount of things on store shelves can feel overwhelming. Everywhere you look, shopping malls and stores alike tempt you with their new collections of home decor. If you’re anything like me, those shiny, stylish offerings feel a little more exciting than what you already have, boxed away in the attic. Yet, as you start to pile up your shopping cart, reality sets in and you realize you already had enough (or too much!) to begin with. Contentment is a choice of the heart, and there are easy ways to decorate for Fall, without overhauling your whole house and buying things you really don’t need. Ultimately, decorating isn’t a need at all, but enjoying our homes is not a crime, and it’s all about balancing thankfulness for what you have, while freeing yourself to change it up here and there.

No need to buy a whole new collection of things and put a fall leaf around every corner. Trust me, a few simple changes will make a huge impact! Here is my guide to adding a Fall touch to YOUR home this season.

1. Trade in real pumpkins for stuffed or textured pumpkins! Opting for reusable pumpkin decor is a way to save money every season. Plus, these creative ones stand out beautifully on their own or grouped together on a tray or in a basket.

decorate for fall pumpkins basket
Similar options here and here.

2. Add a Fall banner to your mantel or entryway. These days, little decorative banners are so inexpensive, and they’re a great way to add Fall colors and themes to your home.

decorate for fall hello banner
Similar options here and here.

3. Pick up your favorite Fall candle. Few things ring in the season like a yummy candle! This one from Bath and Body Works is my current favorite, and fills our home with the scent of pumpkin pecan waffles!

decorate for fall candle pumpkins box
Buy the candle here, or try this one.

4. Place a chunky knit pillow on your bed or couch. One of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozy is trading in lightweight pillows for knit ones. The colder months aren’t just encapsulated by color or smell…but texture too!

decorate for fall pillows
Buy the throw pillow here, or try this one.

5. Add unique flowers and garland to otherwise bare surfaces. I’ve placed an Autumn leaf garland on my mantel and little bunches of Craspedia in vases throughout my whole house. These choices are classy but vibrant, bringing the right amount of the outdoors, in.

decorate for fall light table
Find a faux version of the flowers here (I buy mine at the San Leandro Farmers Market!) and a similar garland option here.

Enjoy your homes, and the small pleasure of adding Fall touches to its corners. I’m right there beside you, loving every minute of these crisper months, embracing their theme of thankfulness.

Until next time,

P.S. Share in the comments below which of the 5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall, YOU will be trying this season — I’d love to know!

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