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My daughter Adrianna and I have a word we use to describe things we find lovely and worth having. It isn’t technically a real word, but one we use nonetheless. The word? “Pretties”. Don’t ask me where or how it started, all I know is “pretties” is part of our language, and all the people in our lives know it. Stuff is just stuff, but I’m of the opinion we are allowed to like stuff, and we should only surround ourselves with the kind of stuff (and people!) that add joy and value to our everyday lives. “Pretties” are the little joys in life that come in many forms. Maybe for you, it’s a pair of new gold hoops, or a set of detailed napkin rings. For my friend’s mother in law, it’s salt and pepper shakers! She collects them wherever she goes, to commemorate her travels, and because they make her happy.

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During a quick scroll on Facebook the other day, I read a quote that resonated with me: “Surround yourself with things you love and discard the rest.” These words reminded me that we can all too often fill up our homes and hearts, with things that don’t add to the general quality of our lives. In our hearts, we can tolerate worry and invite negativity. In our closets, we can accumulate skirts (when we don’t even wear skirts…anyone?), or outfits for “someday.” And within many of our homes and garages, live a million things we never use and don’t really care about. We all get stuck in some way, surrounded by things we don’t love, afraid to discard or perhaps just too busy to. Carving away at this reality can feel overwhelming, but making room for the positive, and for the things that add joy, is truly worth it.

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