Antiques, Legacy, and “Pretties”

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My daughter Adrianna and I have a word we use to describe things we find lovely and worth having. It isn’t technically a real word, but one we use nonetheless. The word? “Pretties”. Don’t ask me where or how it started, all I know is “pretties” is part of our language, and all the people in our lives know it. Stuff is just stuff, but I’m of the opinion we are allowed to like stuff, and we should only surround ourselves with the kind of stuff (and people!) that add joy and value to our everyday lives. “Pretties” are the little joys in life that come in many forms. Maybe for you, it’s a pair of new gold hoops, or a set of detailed napkin rings. For my friend’s mother in law, it’s salt and pepper shakers! She collects them wherever she goes, to commemorate her travels, and because they make her happy.

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One of the “pretties” I enjoy is antiques! I love how antique items have a story and time of their own. As someone who works on homes from the 1920’s all the time, I often find little “pretties” and trinkets in the very walls of San Leandro homes! Knowing the history behind antiques is what makes them special, and the hunt is especially exciting! In a recent post, I shared about my love for Depression, Oatmeal, and Milk Glass. The corners of my home are filled with vintage glass, and there are always new and unique discoveries to be found. As my collection grows, so has my daughter’s! I walk into Adrianna’s living room, kitchen, and dining room…and see her collection of glass growing little by little. It’s fun to think about passing this tradition down to her, my youngest daughter Emma, and to see how they carry on the legacy of “pretties” throughout the years. It is my legacy of convictions, hard work, deep love, family, and faith that mean the most to me, but these collections of “pretties” represent my influence and place in their lives. One day, they will pass on their legacy and “pretties” to their daughters, and so on. These pieces will only increase in value, but it is really the stories and tradition that are valued above the rest.

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Earlier this month, Adrianna, and two dear friends of ours, took a trip up north to Jamestown, CA. In historic Jamestown, there are several, coveted antique shops! Their shelves are stocked, and we were ready to find some “pretties”! It was a crisp, Autumn afternoon, and as we added to our collections, we made sweet memories we’ll have for a lifetime. The four of us scored some special items and decided this would be an annual tradition we’d enjoy every Fall! Now, each time I see one of those “pretties” on a shelf or in a cupboard, I’ll remember that fantastic October day in Jamestown, where friendship, laughter, and “pretties” were abundant.

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What are YOUR “pretties?” What will represent YOUR legacy? Share in the comments below

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