Varos: Why It’s More Than Just A Name

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Adrian and I have always been better together. We both have passionate personalities, strong convictions, and a passion for family and real estate. Our individual backgrounds could not be more different, yet the lessons we’ve learned and the people we’ve become along the way, really set us up for an unbreakable bond. Throughout the years, we’ve done everything as a team. We have always cared about being united parents, friends, employees, spouses, community, and now, business partners. Some couples need space away from each other to get their creative juices flowing, or to regain focus in their personal or professional lives, but that is not the case with us. We have never been perfect, but our strengths and weaknesses balance one another other out, and we are at our best when we work together. The collaborative nature to what we do has been ever present, but mostly unseen. Until now.

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I could not be more thrilled to officially merge Adrian’s successful construction company with my reputable Real Estate career. We feel that we can finally give our clients our truest selves: a dynamic duo that deeply cares about families, the homes they live in, and the homes we sell. As this long-awaited merge has unfolded, we have received one question above the rest:

Why Varos?

Our last name is Martinez, so the new brand name has come as a surprise to many. The truth is, Varos is more than just a name. Varos encompasses not only who we are, but we bring to the table. Let me explain…

Varos is a family name. The name belonging to Adrian’s beloved, late Grandfather, Ernest Nelson Varos. Adrian’s Grandfather had six children, four daughters and two sons. In the late 40’s, Ernest Varos lost both of his sons, under the age of ten years old, to tragic accidents. These accidents devastated the family, and destroyed any hope of the Varos name living on. Even in his old age, Grandpa Varos would confide in Adrian, and share the hurt he felt from the loss of his boys. Filled with great compassion and honor for his Grandfather, Adrian decided to carry on the Varos name himself. Ernest Nelson Varos passed away before Adrian started his construction business, but we know that he would have been deeply touched by this act of love. Adrian’s Grandfather taught him the timeless ways of good construction, but more than that, he taught him the value of treasuring family and the one life that you’ve got.

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Varos Real Estate and Construction stands to carry on a meaningful legacy of home, family, quality, and integrity. This is already being realized, as Adrian is working alongside and training our eldest son, Ryan, and our son in-law Matt. It has been a dream come true to see the Varos name be so esteemed. This story, of family and legacy, is one that we bring into every project we touch. Every newsletter, web header, and sign on the door, that says “Varos”, is a reminder to us of why we do what we do, and why we do it together. When families are inspired to make memories and build their own legacy in a home that they love, we feel that our job is complete.

We feel blessed and excited for this new season together, and are more committed than ever, to making dream homes a reality for many! Thanks for following along!



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