3 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal

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Have you ever driven by a house in the neighborhood and thought, “Wow, nice yard!” As a lifelong gardener (by hobby), I love seeing how people creatively use their little square of grass and dirt to create something beautiful. To me, a home is not complete without some seasonal flowers, a cheery flag hanging from its post, and a lovely wreath to welcome you in. From paint color to the walkway, every little exterior detail contributes to what we call “curb appeal.” What you see from the curb is truly a home’s first impression, and you know what they say about those: “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!” That’s why Adrian and I care so much about making a home beautiful from the inside out. We’ve learned that we cannot expect a client to see the work we’ve put into the interior if we can’t even get them through the front door!

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Once when researching a vacation spot, I entered the address into Google Maps. There, I could see what the hotel looked like from the street. What I thought was a beautiful and luxurious hotel from a few curated images on their website, turned out to be a shabby accommodation in a bad location. Thank goodness for the curbside view! When looking at homes for sale, or preparing yours for a sale, it’s crucial to consider your curb appeal. How’s the landscaping? Could you use some fresh planted grass? Would some lovely seasonal blooms add some necessary color? What’s the condition of your porch or paint color? These changes go a long way in boosting the value and longevity of your home. Here are three ways YOU can up your curb appeal…

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  1. Use your green thumb. I’ve been told time and again, “Oh Terry, I wish I had a green thumb like you, but I just don’t!” This a huge myth that one too many people believe! Everything I know about keeping a garden and yard looking beautiful, I taught myself! With countless resources available to us online, in books, and on TV, gardening is easier than ever. After a few afternoons of getting your hands dirty…the rest of the way is simply upkeep. Have more questions? Seek out a friend in your community, and have them help you along the way! Google it! Planted flowers, potted greenery, and a kept yard are tried and true methods to taking your curb appeal to the next level.
  2. Don’t underestimate a fresh coat of paint. It would not be a rare sight to drive by my house in San Leandro, and see Adrian and I adding some fresh paint to our trim and drab spots on the walls! We are do-it-yourself people, and you can be too! Of course, there is nothing like a professional paint job, but you truly cannot underestimate what a little fresh paint can do to spruce up a space! Brighten that trim, repaint that patio furniture, or add some color to your front door. Believe me, one can of paint can go a long way!
  3. Work with what you’ve got. Almost every home has a main window, what is in yours? During the winter months, showcase a beautiful Christmas tree. In the spring or summer, hang some colorful curtains and place a vase of bright sunflowers in a vase. Have a front porch? Keep it neat and organized, while still maintaining the personality of the home! Don’t let all the kids’ shoes pile up, but add a striped basket by the door for them to gather in. As the seasons change, update the wreath on your door! Every home has the potential to be beautiful – and even those who walk or drive by can get a sense for your unique style. When we showcase the personality of our homes and work with what we’ve got, we inspire others to do the same!
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Ultimately, curb appeal isn’t just a bit of real estate jargon – it truly matters. Whether you are selling or buying, I encourage you to present your home at its best from the inside, out. Customers should be able to sense that your home is valuable from the moment they drive up!

Thanks for reading! What tips do you have for keeping the exterior of a home looking gorgeous? Share in the comments below! Until next time…


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  • It’s such a good idea to put in more plants around your house because it looks so much better. My partner and I are trying to make our home look much better when you see it from the street. I think that we should hire some people to clean up the exterior often so it always looks organized and clean.

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