You and Me: Our Keys To Working As a Team

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Every working relationship is unique, and ours is no different! When Adrian and I got married (what feels like ages and what was 5 kids ago!), we had no idea how great of a team we really would be. Through the years, we have invested in our relationship FIRST, and have grown in the areas of communication, unity, respect, and love. Marriage takes work every day, there is no vacation! But when you marry the right person for you, marriage is also the greatest gift. Our life together has taken on many seasons and adventures…but working together in real estate and construction has been one of the greatest yet! Don’t get me wrong…working with your spouse comes with its own set of challenges…but Adrian and I are truly better together.

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A thriving work relationship (of any kind) requires that you run with each others strengths – and that is what Adrian and I have always done! He is direct, linear, and detail-oriented, whereas I am more fluid and creative! We could decide to focus on these differences in a negative way, but instead we value them. Each of us bring something special to the table that balances the other out, and there is nothing better than watching your spouse operate in their sweet spot. Here are some of our tips on working together (with your spouse, friend, or work partner)!

  1. Seek to support. It’s important to learn how to manage your stress and not become easily overwhelmed. When I start to feel anxious about an element of selling homes, Adrian seeks to support me, calm the situation, and provide some clarity. We can so easily make things worse, but responding in empathy and brainstorming a solution can make the other person feel so supported. Ultimately, a supported teammate is a stronger and more confident teammate.
  2. Celebrate the victories. Adrian and I both love what we do, and whenever something is accomplished (big or small), we take a moment to recognize and celebrate that. Whether it’s a great construction day for Adrian, or a San Leandro house staged and completed on my end – both elements contribute to a thriving company, and pausing to recognize that adds balance to the hustle. If your partner is sharing a personal victory, stop what you are doing and actively listen! This kind of intentional connection will boost your unity like nothing else!
  3. Value, don’t compete. As I mentioned earlier, Adrian and I work better together. There are areas of the job where he is strong and I am weak! Instead of competing or comparing, I simply choose to value what he brings to the table, and I decide to learn from him! This is especially important when working as a real estate and construction team. Every little thing that you individually contribute is important, and someone else’s strengths take nothing away from you! If you struggle with comparison in the workplace, change your mindset from looking at what you don’t have, to what you all have together! Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Working together, not against each other, is the only way your work will succeed!
  4. Connect outside of work. This tip is more specific to couples working together, but it is so worth mentioning! My life is as busy as it gets, and if Adrian and I only see each other or talk on the job, our relationship will suffer. We are spouses first, work partners second. This may sound simple, but in the craziness of life, it can be easy to forget! If you work with your spouse, learn about what makes them feel loved, and intentionally make time for that, outside of the work place. Whether it’s picking up flowers on the way home, or setting aside a weekly date night – quality time together will keep your relationship healthy, and will remind you of your value apart from your work.
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Seeing country concerts together is one of our favorite things to do!

Thanks for reading! If you work as a team, share in the comments below what tips have helped you! Until next time…



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