3 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal

curb appeal street

Have you ever driven by a house in the neighborhood and thought, “Wow, nice yard!” As a lifelong gardener (by hobby), I love seeing how people creatively use their little square of grass and dirt to create something beautiful. To me, a home is not complete without some seasonal flowers, a cheery flag hanging from its post, and a lovely wreath to welcome you in. From paint color to the walkway, every little exterior detail contributes to what we call “curb appeal.” What you see from the curb is truly a home’s first impression, and you know what they say about those: “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!” That’s why Adrian and I care so much about making a home beautiful from the inside out. We’ve learned that we cannot expect a client to see the work we’ve put into the interior if we can’t even get them through the front door!

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demo day construction contractors

I’d be lying if I told you there wasn’t something therapeutic about demo day.

Walking into the homes I will have for sale, I immediately see all of the falling apart pieces, walls that shouldn’t be there, colors that seem to offend and architectural designs that take away from the value from the home. Adrian brings in his incredible construction team, and we strip it down to its best parts. It’s almost second nature to walk into a space and see what needs to go and what needs to stay.

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Varos: Why It’s More Than Just A Name

varos name truck

Adrian and I have always been better together. We both have passionate personalities, strong convictions, and a passion for family and real estate. Our individual backgrounds could not be more different, yet the lessons we’ve learned and the people we’ve become along the way, really set us up for an unbreakable bond. Throughout the years, we’ve done everything as a team. We have always cared about being united parents, friends, employees, spouses, community, and now, business partners. Some couples need space away from each other to get their creative juices flowing, or to regain focus in their personal or professional lives, but that is not the case with us. We have never been perfect, but our strengths and weaknesses balance one another other out, and we are at our best when we work together. The collaborative nature to what we do has been ever present, but mostly unseen. Until now.

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staging bed

After a long day on site, and after countless meetings with clients, the one place in the world I want to be is at home with my husband and kids. Despite the many different seasons I’ve experienced over the years, the rhythms of home remain mostly predictable. Slipping off my shoes, I catch up with my family, pour some white wine in a stemless glass, and put dinner on the stove. The sounds of country music playing softly in the kitchen, my kids share their high school happenings, and I faintly hear our neighbors’ doors open and shut, as they too, return to their sanctuaries.

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Biking In San Leandro


Tips for Biking in San Leandro:

  • Bicycle riding should always be done defensively. Scan the road for vehicles and anticipate their movements. Motorists may not always see you.
  • City code prohibits riding bicycles on side walks unless you are under 12 years of age.
  • Dress appropriately – wear bright clothing and dress in layers to adjust to temperature changes.
  • Keep your bike well-maintained, properly adjusted, and outfitted with reflectors and lights. Always wear a helmet

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Environmental Issues

property environment

When purchasing a piece of property, it is important to be aware of any environmental liabilities associated with it. For example, you should find out if there are any registered underground tanks within several miles of the property, known contaminated properties in the neighborhood, or property owners who have been fined by the government for failing to meet environmental safety standards.

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San Leandro…Did You Know?

san leandro golf

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much to San Leandro, but I can tell you as an active member of our community that there is always something new and exciting to check out. Here is some interesting information about San Leandro you may not know about.

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What is a FICO® Score?


FICO® stands for Fair Isaac & Company and is the name for the most well known credit scoring system, used by Experian. The credit bureau’s computer evaluates a complete credit profile and assigns a score, which is used to estimate credit worthiness. Each of the three bureaus (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax) employs its own scoring system, so a given person will usually have 3 separate scores. Someone with a higher score will be viewed as a better risk than someone with a lower score. Typically, scores will range from about 600 to 700 or above, although some cases will be outside this range.

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title insurance

Title Insurance. It’s a term we hear and see frequently – we see reference to it in the Sunday real estate section, in advertisements and in conversations with real estate brokers. If you’ve purchased a home before, you’re probably familiar with the benefits and procedures of title insurance. But if this is your first home, you may wonder, “Why do I need another insurance policy? It’s just one more bill to pay.”

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