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Merry Christmas: 2 Easy DIY Gift Ideas

easy diy gift light jars

It is no secret the Christmas season can be an expensive one. Every year, more people seem to be added to your shopping list, and the malls get crazier by the day. If we’re not careful to keep our priorities straight, the hustle and bustle of the season could consume us, and Christmas could disappear as soon as it arrived. This really is one of my favorite times of year, and I just don’t want to miss it! With two sons in the military and kids grown up and in college, Christmas brings them all home, and lots of joy and laughter with them. Being together is what this season is all about, to remember, celebrate, and hang on to the hope we have, no matter our circumstance.

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A Christmas Advent Calendar DIY

advent calendar materials

As a broker and creative, I find joy in bringing new life to something old and turning an ordinary item into a treasure. There isn’t always as much time as I’d like to try my hand at new DIY projects, but as the Real Estate peak season slows, and the holidays near, I do my best to make the time. Crafting or otherwise, we have to make an intentional effort to do the things we love. For me, using the artsy side of my brain not only results in a pretty project, but it truly is self-care. This Christmas, I decided to have a go at making my own Christmas Advent Calendar! The holiday season brings out the inner-child in all of us, so I gave my advent calendar a younger feel, but mixed it with some beautiful vintage finds.

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decorate for fall hello banner

October has nearly come and gone, and though the Bay Area weather has not yet brought the crisp, Fall air we were all hoping for…my fingers are crossed for November. There is something about Fall that makes me want to be home more. As these later months arrive, I feel the itch to move furniture around, spruce up little corners, add a few new pieces, and settle into a corner chair with a large cup of coffee. I’ve learned to listen to this longing in doses, because my business is busy as ever. I don’t always have a full weekend or even an afternoon to enjoy my home as I’d like, but little moments of caring for it and savoring it, certainly add up.

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