Merry Christmas: 2 Easy DIY Gift Ideas

easy diy gift light jars

It is no secret the Christmas season can be an expensive one. Every year, more people seem to be added to your shopping list, and the malls get crazier by the day. If we’re not careful to keep our priorities straight, the hustle and bustle of the season could consume us, and Christmas could disappear as soon as it arrived. This really is one of my favorite times of year, and I just don’t want to miss it! With two sons in the military and kids grown up and in college, Christmas brings them all home, and lots of joy and laughter with them. Being together is what this season is all about, to remember, celebrate, and hang on to the hope we have, no matter our circumstance.

easy diy gift lights in jars

I’m encouraged to resist the temptation to go “big” this Christmas, and instead, to keep things personal. As I’ve been decorating the house, and wrapping presents for loved ones, I’ve added little touches that feel unique, special, and sentimental. These things go much further than a dollar amount, leaving an impression of being known and loved in the heart of the recipient.

easy diy gift insert light
easy diy gift lights frame

Yet no matter how hard I try to stay on top of things, there always seems to be people on my list left to the last minute! I remember our postman, our favorite barista at our local coffee shop, and that neighbor down the street. Panic can set in, “What do we get them?” Then, I remember: keep it personal. I realize in my own home, there are resources and ingredients for creative and special gifts for those very special people! No need to go to a dozen stores after all, what a relief!

So this Christmas, I decided to get outside the box and try some new gift ideas for the people we care about. These little gestures of love and care mean so much, and I enjoyed putting them together! First up, I picked up a little DIY mason jar light fixture kit from Michael’s! (Buy a similar one here.) This is the sort of thing you’d walk by in an aisle and think, “That just looks like too much work!” Surprisingly, this kit took all of five minutes, and paired with some crafty touches, turned into a beautiful display. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to keep it myself! This is the perfect gift for that fellow DIY lover in your life, a college student who’s looking to spruce up her bland dorm room, or that couple who just bought a house. In this kind of gift, you’re not just giving someone something special – you’re giving them the experience of getting creative, too!

easy diy gift plants
easy diy gift soil

Next up, I’m giving plenty of these DIY Christmas Succulents to friends and loved ones. All you need for this little craft are old jars or tins for planting, a bag of dirt, some succulents/plant of your choice, spray paint, and ribbon! This is one of those crafts you could take into a million different directions, adding your unique flare and creativity to it! This gift looks great on a windowsill, coffee table tray, or bedside table. Wherever they end up, they will be a reminder of the relationship you have and the extra effort you put into making their Christmas special! Just like the mason jar lights, this craft took no time at all, rounding out at about 10 minutes total for three!

easy diy gift terry plants
easy diy gift spray paint


  • Can or jar for planting
  • Succulent or plant of your choice
  • Bag(s) of dirt
  • Shovel
  • Spray paint
  • Festive ribbon


  • Spray paint your can or jar and leave to dry.
  • Once dry, using your shovel, fill the can or jar halfway with dirt.
  • Place the plant in your can or jar, and fill to the top with dirt.
  • Add ribbon, a gift tag or Christmas card, and your gift is complete!
easy diy gift terry spray paint
easy diy gift supplies
easy diy gift light tray

Which of these DIYs are you eager to try? Share in the comments below!

As Christmas is nearly here, don’t feel overwhelmed by what you haven’t finished, or the stress of Christmas shopping. Instead, lean into a little creativity to make up the difference, and remember what truly matters: being together. Merry Christmas, and I’ll see you in the New Year!

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